Energy Healing – What is it and Is It for Me?

If you are experiencing the same negative issues over and over, it is highly likely that there is a subconscious pattern at work – energy that is stuck, perhaps from yesterday, perhaps from childhood. Energy Healing will work to release that stuck energy to free you from those repetitive patterns.  Energy Healing will reduce your stress enabling you to be freer and more peaceful.

If you would like to:

  • Experience more inner peace and happiness
  • Have more clarity about what your priorities are and what direction your life is taking
  • Learn simple techniques to calm your mind
  • Manage your emotions better
  • Experience more balance in your life

then energy healing is for you!

Individual and Group Coaching

Negative emotions drain your inner battery emotionally, mentally and physically. We can learn to manage and reverse the damage from each emotional drain.

Remember – it is not events that cause harm, it is how we respond to them.

Energy Healing will help you break the patterns that lead you down the negative road and enable you to be more of who you really are!

What is HeartMath?

Group CoachingThe Institute of HeartMath began as a scientific organization and for those of you who want the proof of the system, please visit their website to review the many and various scientific studies they have conducted:

They have scientifically proven that the heart is actually the “first responder” – not the brain; they have scientifically proven that the quantum field or Universe or Universal Energy or whatever name you use for it, responds when our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual domains are in alignment.  There are many and varied scientific research studies undertaken by the Institute of HeartMath that are available on their website.

The HeartMath techniques are geared to bringing our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual domains into alignment to maintain a balance in our everyday lives. The techniques are simple, can be done anywhere, anytime and make such wonderful, positive shifts for everyone who practices them regularly.